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Amid financial crisis in 1997, Pak Adit lost all his fortunes in a failed business. He realised slot game is in fact a very good product to make profits during economic crisis. He gathers some of his old colleagues from IT field, and starting to code his first slot game - SCR888. Look into our promotion page for the latest lucrative online casino promotions like top up bonuses, first time deposit bonus, VIP bonus, progressive jackpots and even an affiliate program just for you and your friends! Play all your favorite casino games knowing that the highest security and the latest encryption technology is used to process player data, and that your privacy and confidential data will never be compromised. 918KISS CASINO - 918kiss is now extremely popular and that is thanks to all of our valuable customers who have dedicated their time and money to supporting us and making sure we can be the best online casino around!

918KISS is considered the game-changing slot game brand as it is the first who recognise the upmost importance of winning ratio. 918Kiss is basically an online gambling site dedicated to worldwide customers who wish to play online casino games. This site contains over 150 gambling games with constant updates to ensure a wide selection of casino games is availed to players. There is more than 30 slot game brands in the local online gambling industry. You play the bonuses like you can get in 918kiss high bonus with reasonable withdrawal requirements to protect your winning when you place your bet in betting slot site Malaysia. Playing in your local currency is important so you understand immediately how much you have won when you hit a bet! SCR888 was then renamed to 918KISS in 2018, given heavy pressure imposed by the local authority, as 918KISS is too popular as an illegal online gambling product in Malaysia. For betting set up the cap - It is evident that new gamblers lose their head when they are at the first stage of gambling.

The game encourages gambling through setting up a cap or limit on the betting by setting money and time frame. It’s no wonder so many people have become rich playing at Ruby8, and they had fun all the time. It’s 100% made in Malaysia. It’s nearly impossible for you to win all the way from the beginning, there will be ups and downs. There are many download sites for 918KISS slot games. You can possible lose money to these counterfeit games as they are using a completely different slot game engine to run the games. Both versions are very similar, but the lastest version come with new logo and theme colour. Because the more people are playing the game, the higher chances the bonus will come out. Come back a few hours later. Yes, 918kiss apk is the founder and the first CEO of the infamous 918KISS. Born in 1957, Pak Adit is in fact a mix of Chinese and Malay. He was born in the Northern region of Malaysia.

Although being born in a poor family, Pak Adit was discovered with his extraordinary talents in the field of engineering. Don’t be surprised when you see this Malay name - Pak Adit. Be it Playtech, Allbet or Joker123 gaming, to name a few, we only engage the very best and therefore most popular game developers. In the middle region as well as Southern part of Malaysia, people used to call it 918KISS, which is also the most popular name of this legendary slot game. Well if you do not know yet, we are going to break it down for you. The 3 Golden Rules That You Must Not Break When Gambling Gambling is based on a risk and reward system with 3 probable outcomes. We have the best leading online gambling and online slot casino brands & franchise which are adored by gamblers such as 918kiss and SCR888, fancied by gamers.

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